1. Black Man

From the recordings BLACK MAN and New To You

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Produced by Jumpshot Records


Black Man
From the inception of life Black Man I know you were born to be great. Before the slave ships and whips we were kings our women were queens. We were taught by the enemies to hate ourselves they told us the devil is black. Now we rob and kill ourselves decieve and abuse our women.
Cho - Black Man every nation a kill the Blackman. They see nothing wrong cause every day they see a black man kill another black man. (Repeat)
Rioting in the streets cause the youth are getting killed by soldier and police. They try to justify the wrong they do saying we kill ourselves. All lives don't matter until black lives matter. Nuh matter what the propaganda and chatter. In a the streets all mi hear a ratatata babylon just kill another shotta!
Unity without impunity a time wi build and uplift the Black community ten different baby madda yute is not a family a real man is not a gyaliss don't believe the falisy.
Repeat first verse.
(Cho)repeat 2x